Ecommerce Consulting Services

Ecommerce Consulting Services Overview: Ecommerce is basically the buying and selling of goods and services online. And everyone knows that this industry is growing much faster than the overall retail market. The U.S. Census Bureau states that the 3rd quarter of 2012 showed rather good results with 41.5 billion USD retail sales in ecommerce. It accounts for almost 4.2% of the total retail sales in the US. The facts show that the future of your retail business may depend largely on how and when you capitalize on ecommerce. The time to enter the race is now.

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Bottom line. Why Labaddi:

  • Discover: Our consultants will help you in delineating your ecommerce strategy in terms of your goals and objectives, as well as, help you write effective eCommerce RFP and analyze responses
  • Define: Our experts will help you to define the detailed Functional and Technical Requirements, Design Wireframes and ecommerce Project Plans for your ecommerce website project
  • Design: Our experts will help you to Design Wireframes, Navigation, and User Friendly ecommerce user interfaces for your ecommerce website
  • Develop: : Our experts will help you to identify, assign and manage the appropriate ecommerce resources to your project
  • Debug: : Our experts will help you to thoroughly test your ecommerce website to ensure it complies with industry best practices and standards
  • Deploy and Maintain: : Our seasoned consultants will help you plan and execute the deployment and maintenance of your ecommerce website
  • Return on Investment: : Because our consultants leverage nothing but the best in class industry tools and techniques, you assured of a top quality, secure and highly scalable ecommerce website


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